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When and where to find Pilates and Fitness classes in Tameside.

9:45 50+ Pilates Hurst Community Centre Ashton under Lyne
11:15 50+ Pilates Stalybridge Methodist Church Stalybridge
19:00 Simple Step The Nicholson Academy Droylsden
20:00 Pilates The Nicholson Academy Droylsden
11:00 50+ Pilates The Nicholson Academy Droylsden
19:00 Pilates Hurst Community Centre Ashton under Lyne
20:00 Fat Burning Hurst Community Centre Ashton under Lyne
18:30 Simple Step Stalybridge Civic Hall Stalybridge
19:30 Pilates Stalybridge Civic Hall Stalybridge
10:15 Fit & Fifty Stalybridge Methodist Church Stalybridge
11:45 50+ Pilates Dukinfield Park Centre Dukinfield

Booking is essential, however payment is made upon arrival.  To reserve your place: CLICK HERE.

For maps and directions, see here. Got a question? Ask me here.


Fit & Fifty = £4.50
Pilates, 50+Pilates = £6.00
Pilates in the Pub  = £6.00
Fitness (Step or Fat Burning) = £5.00
Pilates & Fitness = £8.00 Same day, same venue

Class Descriptions

Fit & Fifty: A fitness class for the Fifty+ person, new exercisers and anyone that likes a fun, easy to follow workout. This is a fitness class, you will need your trainers, we will be working to tone our muscles, improve our heart & lungs and burn fat.

50+ Pilates: My daytime classes are aimed specifically at the Older Adult. However everyone is welcome, especially those new to Pilates.

Pilates in the Pub: More info about my Pub class here.

Pilates: My mainstream Pilates classes are taught as multi-level. I start by showing you the easier version of an exercise and then how to make it more challenging, if you want to! Everyone very welcome.

Fat Burning: What it says on the tin, we burn fat, we sweat, we have fun. No fixed format, sometimes we do HIIT, sometimes we Step, sometimes we do weights. We always have fun and it’s always easy to follow and great for new exercisers, come along and give it a go!

Men on Mats: I don’t have a men only class at the moment, if I did would you come? I do have men in nearly all my classes. Some attend to support their sporting activities and some come because their Dr or Physio sent them. Be reassured, men are very welcome in all my classes.

For maps and directions, see here. Got a question? Ask me here.

 Booking is essential please reserve your place here.  Payment is made upon arrival at class.