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Christmas 2019

Here is everything you need to know for Christmas at Tameside Pilates  2019!

Tues Dec 3rd – no classes at Hurst, we are going for a curry, everyone is welcome, whatever class you attend!

Tuesday 10th December Droylsden Pilates by Candlelight Class, 11am & Christmas Afternoon Tea on Safari Narrowboat tea room, 12.15.

Tuesday 10th December Hurst 7pm Pilates by Candlelight, 8pm Festive HIIT

Wednesday 11th December Stalybridge 6.30pm Santa Step, 7.30pm Pilates by Candlelight.

Thursday 12th December Stalybridge 10.15am Festive and Fifty, Dukinfield 11.45am Pilates by Candlelight.

Monday 16th December Hurst 9.45am Pilates by Candlelight, Stalybridge 11.15am Pilates by Candlelight.

Monday 16th December 12.30 Christmas Afternoon Tea at The Pad, Willow Wood, Stalybridge. Everyone welcome!

Monday 16th December, final classes of 2019, Droylsden, 7pm Santa Step, 8pm, Pilates by Candlelight. Planned restart is Jan 6th.

Would you like to see the IT iliotibial Band?

I was lucky enough to go and see the Body Worlds exhibit in New York recently.  I had seen this before at the Science and Industry museum in Manchester, but it was many years ago and my understanding of anatomy has progressed since then.  The number one thing I wanted to see was the iliotibial band and to understand more about it’s role in stabilising the knee.

This is Yoga Lady, we may never find out her real name or know anything about her, but doesn’t she look amazing?  And there down the side of her thigh is the IT (iliotibial) Band.  It’s a critical postural muscle and can be the cause of much pain or discomfort to runners.  If you have IT Band Syndrome then do come along to class for some postural tips and IT band stretches.

yoga lady showing iliotibial band at the body worlds exhibition

yoga lady showing iliotibial band at the body worlds exhibition

bodyworlds showing IT band-7311

I love this photo of Yoga Lady, I bet she would be happy to know we can see here like this!

You can read more about the IT (iliotibial) Band on Wikipedia

There are Body Worlds exhibitions all over the world, you can see the current ones here.  Don’t be afraid to go to one, it’s not gory, it’s fascinating.

Hoodies with lovely new design, voted by Facebook!

Once or twice a year I order Pilates hoodies for people to wear to class.  To keep things fresh I like to change up the design every now and then. I bought some ‘Pilates People’ from a stock image library and then set to work in photoshop to try and make a design, this was my idea:Tameside Pilates Hoodie design 1

I sent it to Marc my printer to ask if it would work for printing in vinyl, he sent this back:
Tameside Pilates Hoodie design 2

I wasn’t sure which to use, so I asked Facebook and Facebook said that Marc’s was the better design.  I accepted defeat with grace and reminded myself that I am a Pilates teacher and Marc is a graphic artist . . .

So, I am taking orders right now, see me in class or drop me a line here to see the colour options and place your order.

hoodies at Tameside Pilates

Cholesterol Confusion – Eggtastic!

I’ve been keeping a food diary recently.  I had a bit of a shock when I looked at the analysis of my day, the app (MyNetDiary) was giving me a warning to say that I had consumed nearly twice the recommended amount of Cholesterol!

food diary

Yep, it *looked* like my love of a Boily Egg had lead me astray and I was a bit confused because I was sure that Eggs were ok to eat.   Some time ago I qualified for an NVQ in Nutrition and Weight Management but truth is that I haven’t really kept up with things, however I was *sure* that eggs had been given the Thumbs up.  I decided to do some research.

It seems that the UK and US nutritional advisors do not agree.  In the UK all major heart and health advisory bodies have removed the previous limits on egg consumption due to their cholesterol content.  Whilst our friends over the Pond are still suggesting caution. My app is obviously using US data.

Here is some of the  info I found:

  • Over 30 years of prospective epidemiological surveys of CHD risk have consistently found no independent relationship between dietary cholesterol or egg consumption and CHD risk.
  • Dietary cholesterol is only responsible for about 15 percent of total blood cholesterol. The rest is manufactured by the body. Other factors that contribute to blood cholesterol levels include smoking, obesity, physical activity and the consumption of saturated fat.
  • There is a lot of confusion surrounding cholesterol because the amount we eat in our diet does not necessarily translate to the amount in our body.

So, I’m not stressing about the eggs in my diet, I’m going to try and focus more on my evil enemy – sugar – arrrrghh!

Want to know more?  These are the pages I looked at: